Bahrabis, October 15

Bahrabis, October 15



At night it got colder up to 18 degrees Celsius and without rain. This is the most comfortable night in a month in terms of temperature. And an additional bonus - a completely dry tent in the morning.


Today we are moving through the disaster zone. The region of Helambu, hit by an earthquake in 2015, was hit by the worst monsoon in many years this year. As Purba Sherpa put it: “Sometimes rivers go crazy”. Enraged rivers and landslides destroyed most of the roads and bridges in the area. And some villages were literally washed away. Looking at what the Melamchi Valley looks like today, one is surprised that such a tiny river could cause such large-scale destruction.


Houses up to the second floor sank into sand, and huge "snowdrifts" of sand and stones formed in the rooms on the second and third floors. And the houses that stood on the banks of the river just fell down. Work on the restoration of infrastructure has been going on for three months, but they do not see the end, the edge.


Having dropped the altitude to 1000 meters, we are going up again. This time the air temperature in the evening rose to 30 degrees Celsius. It is very difficult to walk. But, probably, sometimes you need to warm up well. Moreover, literally in a couple of days we will be already at an altitude of over 3000 meters.


I put my tent on the roof of the house for the night. By nightfall, the temperature "overboard" dropped to 25 degrees Celsius. The guide made me happy that it was safer to stand on the roof, because at this height there are a lot of snakes and various insects in the grass. Once again I wanted to run higher, where it was much safer.


Today is the seventh day of the great Hindu festival in Nepal. We are near a relatively large city and here they are celebrating with might and main. For seven days, their fervor does not seem to have cooled down too much. The people walk around decorated with bunches of grass behind their ears and with huge "ticks" (a plaque of red paint on their foreheads). Music screams with might and main, young ladies scream. I hope that all this fun is not until the morning - usually here they go home relatively early.


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