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About Us

Welcome to RANDY SUN

We are a company committed to providing the best protection for outdoor enthusiasts. Our R&D team has developed and perfectly solved the contradictory problems between waterproof and the breathability of waterproof socks. We know that functionality does not have to be at odds with fashion, so for many years, our designers have made sure to update and refine each design year after year to bring you a product of high quality, functionality, and attractive design. The employees responsible for the manufacturing of the design, carefully make each product and submit them to strict waterproof tests before leaving the factory so that you get the best product.

Our Technology

RANDYSUN's waterproof technology consists of three seamless layers that 100% prevent water molecules from penetrating into the socks. At the same time, the firm three-layer structure enables high waterproof and breathability performance. It keeps feet dry and comfortable all day long even in the wettest conditions. You can comfortably walk around in them, run to work or share a soccer game with your young son. No matter what you use them for, our socks are designed for any weather and terrain challenge.

RANDY SUN not only offers high-quality socks that block mud, snow, sand, germs, and mosquito bites on your feet but also a wide variety of models to choose from. You can find socks in different heights, colors, and styles. Ultra-thin and ultra-light waterproof socks for everyday and leisure use, the thickest and warmest waterproof wool terry socks, suitable for outdoor work in extremely cold conditions. You'll have no problem finding the ones that best suit your needs and tastes.

Added Value

We are 100% committed to providing maximum protection by manufacturing socks for all types of people with different needs and tastes. We have products that are necessary for people with less attention such as split toe waterproof socks, knee-high waterproof socks for children with orthopedic problems.

RANDY SUN not only offers socks but also has a range of products such as waterproof gloves, waterproof hats, washable waterproof mouth covers, waterproof balaclavas as helmet liners that are used in activities such as motorcycling.

Our dream is to bring waterproof products of high quality and design to every corner of the world. It is with great joy and enthusiasm that we welcome anyone who has the same goals and is in pursuit of the same dreams as us to become our partners.