Brand Story


In March of 2010 I headed to Denver, CO for a mountain climbing exhibition for the first time. I was 35, and about 1 year in to my extreme sports mid-life crisis and hiking season just started.. That year I went skiing in the Swiss Alps, hiked the Rockies, trekked the elements in the Alaska ninja warrior challenge and did *ahem* (attempted) every other extreme sport you can imagine. If it wasn’t for my wife threatening to divorce me, I would’ve went and done attempted Everest that year.

One common issue I faced was damp, and cold feet. It sounds ridiculous I know, but I just couldn’t get over how no matter how well I prepared for the elements I could never find waterproof socks that functioned as well as I needed to be. I wanted waterproof socks that were waterproof, breathable, retained heat and kept me dry. 9 years later and the rest is history.

The name RANDY SUN comes from me, Randy . The sun was because I have a terrible last name and seriously just enjoy sunshine (creative I know, I’m getting old please forgive me) . We’re producing some of the highest performance waterproof socks in the world so during your next mid-life crisis you don’t have horribly damp feet like me. If you told me I would be spending this much time on waterproof socks when I was young I would’ve called you insane, now I just call this Tuesday.