Camp on the banks of the Fu River, September 11

Camp on the banks of the Fu River, September 11



We walk along the Naar for half a day. Since we were asked to walk less in the village, there is definitely nothing to do here for more than half a day. First we walked to the new monastery - it was built three years ago. The monastery is spacious, everything is new, shining with fresh paint. Then we saw the oldest monastery in Naar. Nobody knows how old he is, but clearly over 500. This monastery made a stronger impression. There are ancient tanks, ancient statues (some are clearly several hundred years old), masks, and ancient paintings.


There are no monks here, but services are periodically held. True, they say that less and less - the new monastery is more popular. There are also several small monasteries in the village, closed to outsiders. These monasteries were built by individual families and are used exclusively by them.


After lunch, we moved towards the village of Fu, hoping to stay overnight in another monastery. Locals said that there are rooms for guests and even wi-fi. On the way we passed a clearing with many chortens and a mani wall (some chortens are clearly very ancient). In this glade, the locals organize various competitions during the big holidays.


At first, the trail goes at the same height, but after an hour of travel, the descent to the Naar River begins. The descent is almost 500 meters, steep and free-flowing. The monastery turned out to be closed to outside visitors due to the pandemic and we decided to walk a little more towards Fu and spend the night on the river bank in tents. On the way, we passed along a bridge over a very beautiful gorge - probably two hundred meters deep, with steep walls, in which a rather powerful river squeezes.


A lot of juniper and Himalayan pine grow along the banks of the river in this place. The forest is beautiful and fragrant. Water, however, is not easy to find. For the night we got up near the source in a place where the locals built something like farm houses for the preparation of firewood and hay. The meadow is overgrown with very fragrant grasses and thorny bushes.


By evening, the weather improved and an excellent view of Pisang Peak opened up. But closer to night, the valley began to be covered with clouds again.


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