Kashigaon, October 5

Kashigaon, October 5



The weather in the morning inspires optimism: there are few clouds, no wind. True, the sun will come to this narrow gorge later, but it is still warm here in the morning. Today we are climbing the slope of the gorge. At first glance, the walls of the gorge are completely vertical, but in several places you can find access to the Ganesh Himal Trail. We talked with the locals and chose the option starting at the village of Khanibesi. To this village, we will have to go down 200 meters (and then, accordingly, climb back along the steep path), but other options are clearly worse due to the many dangerous landslides and the threat of rockfalls.


To Khanibesi from Tatopani there is almost a motor road. Actually, it was automobile until landslides destroyed it in several places. Now by car you can only get to the village of Machchakhola, and apparently from here tourists start the route bypassing Manaslu. So we can assume that today we finished this piece of the Great Himalayan Trail and went to the next section.


Khanibesi is located 800 meters above sea level. We did not descend so low from the very beginning of the movement from Simikot. It is even below the level of Kathmandu. It is very hot and humid here. Because of this, it is difficult to walk, but the road is beautiful, albeit with a very steep incline. Steps are laid out on all steep sections, in other places - well-trampled soil. However, since the road goes through the forest, it is possible to strap on a bunch of leeches in wet weather.


At the beginning of the trail, we still came across monkeys, but only at a low altitude. By evening, the weather turned bad, which did not prevent me from swimming in a small river with wonderful clear water. But because of the rain, we decided to stop for the night a little earlier than planned.

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