Khol marmots, September 18

Khol marmots, September 18



In the morning we took Darya and Purba to Pokhara, and we set off in the direction of the Larke la pass along the classic route around Manaslu. But the beginning of the classic route from Verkh. Darapani was completely destroyed by landslides, so we made a detour along a mysterious path through the jungle. Right away I had to gain three hundred meters in height, and in some places I had to literally climb the stones. As a reward, we received an excellent view of Annapurna-2, since the weather is wonderful in the morning and absolutely everything is visible.


In about an hour we came out on a better trail, which, closer to the village of Tilche, turned almost into a road. And along this wonderful road we walked to the village of Goa, after which the road again became a tourist trail, but quite solid.


The bright sun made me remember about sunscreen. I smeared the parts of the face protruding from under the panama with a cream with a 50m UV factor. In the Limi Valley, it helped well - one spreading was enough for the whole day.


Today lizards also crawled out to bask in the sun. They run dozens of them along the road, but they can't take a picture, because they are very nimble. And on the road, bright birds with a funny crest are constantly jumping. It is also impossible to take a picture of them, on occasion I will look on the Internet who it is. And in some places, nests of wild bees hang on the steep cliffs.


In Tilche I met a small group of Americans already returning from the route around Manaslu. It looks like the tourist season has really started.


According to the plan, we were going to stay overnight in the Goa village. But we reached it too early and decided to move on. In Goa, the effects of a strong monsoon are also visible everywhere: the overflowing Milk River (Dudh Kola) has turned some of the fields in the village into wonderful white sand beaches. The road is also washed out in places and littered with a mixture of stones and white sand. The river of milk, along which we walk all day, quite lives up to its name: the water in it really looks like milk.


We stopped for the night in the village of Surki Khola. Well, as a village, it is more of a place where there are several hotels and guesthouses. On the approaches to Marmots Khola, a flock of monkeys frolic in the forest. Quite large, over a meter tall. Locals say that these monkeys often pester lonely women on the trail, but they are completely safe for men.


As expected, there is no electricity in Marmots Khola. And due to the fact that the substation at the beginning of the valley was destroyed by a landslide, there is no mobile communication either. But there is natural lavazza coffee and a coffee machine that makes a normal espresso.


For the first time in a very long time, I reached the place of spending the night in one T-shirt, but in the evening the clouds came over and I had to dress warmer again. During the day we walked several kilometers more than the plan and gained almost a kilometer in height. The height seems to be low, only 2700 meters, but due to the damp it is somehow chilly.


Despite the clouds in the evening, the sky was perfectly clear at night. The stars, however, were few due to the very bright moon.


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