Koto, September 16

Koto, September 16



We woke up again in the rain, but the sky is a little brighter than yesterday. Since we are still in a very narrow gorge, there is still a danger of rockfalls and today we also walk, trying not to stop. Or we stop only in places approved by the guide. There are many traces of fresh rockfalls, it is good that it takes only 3 hours to walk to the planned overnight stay in Koto.


Closer to Koto, the gorge demonstrates the final chord - you need to pass under a sheer stone wall 300 meters high. And streams of water flow down from this wall. The path bites into this wall in places, but there are also areas where you actually need to walk under a light shower, constantly thinking that a stone can fly off along with the water from above. But for those who came to Nepal at the end of the rainy season - 100 waterfalls as a gift. Waterfalls at every turn, of all shapes and sizes.


And just before Koto, we found a bridge over the Marsiangdi River, badly damaged by a landslide. To get to the bridge, you first need to walk along the remains of the concrete base of the bridge and along the cables that hold it. It is theoretically possible to bypass the bridge, but it is half a day's journey. In principle, it is impossible to cross the river without a bridge. With the help of guides and porters, we crossed without incident to the other side and ended up in Koto. There is no electricity here for the fifth month, but there are tomatoes. We had lunch with a wonderful soup and salad of tomatoes and daikon, and dinner was flavored with a small amount of local moonshine made from apples. The moonshine is of very good quality and tastes good.

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