Lake Tilicho, September 3

Lake Tilicho, September 3



Today we have passed the second half of the way to Lake Tilicho. This part turned out to be more difficult, since the trail runs at a more significant incline and, moreover, we climbed from 4000 meters to 5,250 meters, which means less oxygen in the air.


But all the same, the trail makes a very pleasant impression. There are markings along the entire trail, so it is impossible to go astray even in dense fog. The path itself is well-trodden and wide. Only in some places is it damaged by landslides, but, in general, not at all. And there are also houses where you can wait out the bad weather. A normal trail adapted to all the needs of tourists. However, this time I was the only tourist here.


We got out early so we could take our time. We have a new porter, which, as it turned out, was not used to the altitude (this is a resident of Jomsom, who rarely rises to an altitude of more than 4000 meters) and the speed of its movement today is even less than mine. When I reached the pass after lunch (from the moment of lunch it took me exactly 2 hours to do this) I waited another hour for all of us to gather at this pass.


The pass is stunningly beautiful (let me remind you that this is our 14th pass with an altitude of more than 5000 meters, namely 5 250 meters). It overlooks Lake Tilicho, and the Tilicho glacier, and Tilicho peak, and many peaks in the Kali-Gandaki valley. But the peaks in the valley were almost inaccessible to us - all the way to the pass we walked in the clouds, in the gaps of which the peaks of the Dhaulagiri massif were periodically shown.


The passage did not end with the pass: to the camp you need to walk another couple of hours over a rather unpleasant pile. But this trail is completely safe and marked. It's just a little awkward to walk. They did not dare to get up on the shore of the lake - the entire shore from the side of the pass consists of a glacier and the night would be incredibly cold. We got up higher, on the stone bank. Most likely, it will still be cold at night, since we found the parking space at an altitude of 5,180 meters and on the bank of an ice stream. But a parking lot with a magnificent view of Tilicho peak.


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