Sangda Pedi, August 27

Sangda Pedi, August 27



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 Today there were three five-thousand passes: 5130 meters, 5550 meters, 5100 meters. We passed the first one almost without noticing: along the same road under construction. But then the road went in a different direction and I felt the second pass to the fullest. The lack of oxygen is still strongly felt at altitudes over 5000 meters.


In general, today we almost did not descend below 5000 meters. At 9 in the morning we were already at this altitude, after the first pass we found ourselves on a large high-mountain plateau, after the second pass we dropped only 500 meters (while after lunch we walked along the slope for a long time at the same level) and again gained a little to the third pass. The walking day turned out to be small, despite the fact that we ran past the planned overnight place on the plateau (and it is good - it is a dubious pleasure to spend the night at an altitude of 5,150 meters) and reached the next one. Now we have 4 days in stock.


I measured the atmospheric pressure at the pass (5 550 meters) - 524 hectopascals (in Moscow, the usual level is about 1000 hectapascals). And in the place where we set up camp for the night - 604 hectapascals ... It turns out that my body underwent a fluctuation in atmospheric pressure of 15% and did not react to it in any way.


While in Moscow before the trip, I reacted to pressure fluctuations of less than 3%. And in previous trips, when climbing to a height of more than 5000 meters, bloody "boogers" almost definitely appeared. This time they weren't there at all. It turns out that the acclimatization regime was quite adequate. And I hope that the cardiovascular system gets used to sharp fluctuations in pressure and this habit will remain with me for a long time.


We saw little today. We walk in the clouds almost all day, and in the afternoon we got into a fog. You can't see anything at all and in the end I had to get up for the night, in fact, at random. We need to find a spot where the path goes to the Hidden valley - a place that is really hard to find. That's why it is Hidden, this valley. Today it is not possible to find the desired path in the fog. I hope that there will be no fog in the morning and we will not have to wander through the mountains in search of. There is a margin of time, but it is not unlimited. So far, the fog is only thickening, but, according to experience, the weather can change dramatically overnight.

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