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A collection of 4 Connecticut sunset hikes for you!


Jump for joy! A collection of 4 Connecticut sunset hikes for you! Scattered across the state, I’ve teamed up with Connecticut Office of Tourism to showcase a variety of trails that are great for watching the sunset this summer.   

Listed in order of appearance:


Lantern Hill, North Stonington (eastern part of the state!) 

◄ 1.5 mile loop, 328 ft elevation gain ~about 20-25 minutes to get to lookout spot here, can be a bit steep as you climb up.

People’s State Forest, Jessie Gerard Trail, Barkhamsted

◄ 2.9 mile loop, 700 ft elevation gain 

There will be two lookout spots at the top. If you go clockwise, the one pictured with the river will be the 2nd lookout, about a mile in. You can then turn around and come down this way or do the whole loop. ;)

Crescent Lake, Southington 

◄ 2.4 mile loop, 270 ft elevation gain 

Tip: The western facing lookout is about 1.1 miles in if you go counterclockwise. It is right after the spot on AllTrails marked ‘Chimney’.

Ragged Mountain, Berlin 

◄ 5.6 mile loop, 843 ft elevation gain 

This one is a bit longer so bring a headlamp! A way to make it shorter is to go clockwise & walk to the lookout that faces west (about 1.9 miles in) and then turn around!

Which will you head to first? Save to your CT adventures folder!   

(Short trails with big views can get a lot of traffic so pack snacks to watch the sunset but make sure to carry it all out! Let’s do our part in keeping the trails beautiful for all to enjoy)

                                                                                             By Kristen

                                            Read more at EARLY BIRD ON THE TRAIL

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