Barn On The Pass, October 6

Barn On The Pass, October 6



Today is the day of real cruelty. First, we dropped 500 meters along a very steep trail. And then we went up 1700 meters to the pass. The locals suggested a short road to us, and this short road turned out to be a road through the jungle with an even steeper incline. From time to time I had to climb the stones and roots of trees, to wade through thorns and nettles. In addition, this trail led us past the pass and we gained another 300 meters of altitude.


And leeches. I put on the usual socks. After I removed three dozen leeches from my feet, I had to change the blood-soaked regular socks for RANDY SUN waterproof membrane socks. I tucked my pants into my socks and watched dozens of leeches unsuccessfully trying to get to the body through this structure. The defense worked great, until the evening I did not acquire a single new bite. We'll have to go for the next few days in waterproof socks.



I do not highly recommend this short road. It is better to choose the trail marked on the map as "Ganesh Himal trail". This trail is longer, but much more comfortable and there are almost no leeches on it.


We spent the night after dark at the very pass in a shed built for tourists. It is not very comfortable, but it is dry in it.

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