Before Tarap, August 23

Before Tarap, August 23



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It seemed to me that the Numa La pass was relatively low. But in reality there are two passes of Numa La (east and west) and we took a shorter route through the higher Numa La. This is our eighth five thousandth pass - its height is 5300 meters. Thus, we had to gain 800 meters from the place of the overnight stay. The pass is very simple, the climb is smooth. But 5000 is 5000. Breathing at this altitude is still hard for me.

We were lucky with the weather. It was cloudy while walking to the pass, but no rain. At lunchtime we sunbathed in the sun, and then Numa La was completely covered with heavy clouds.



Since we spent the night near the pass, we managed to go through two planned sections of the route at once to the very village of Do Tarap. The valley of the Tarap River is very fertile (despite the height of over 4000 meters) and many people live here. Chinese-made motorcycles are very popular among the local population. It seems that at least every family has a motorcycle here.

There are also many monasteries in the valley. But most of them are abandoned, more or less live monasteries only near the village of Do Tarap. Moreover, although there are many abandoned monasteries in the valley, a new monastery was built near Do Tarap, which is clearly more popular among local residents than monasteries with a history.


Sea buckthorn grows along the banks of the Tarap River. And she has already matured here, the children are gathering and running around the valley with "bouquets" of sea buckthorn branches with berries. The bushes are very small, I would say that the sea buckthorn is dwarf here, the size of blueberry bushes in Russia. But, nevertheless, you can try to collect a little for compote.


Camping in Do Tarape is located behind the Caravan hotel where we stayed last time. The hotel has changed a lot for the better - it has become much cleaner, the Internet has appeared at a decent speed, now they are treated not only to moonshine. However, I still preferred the tent to the room, because according to experience, there is no gain from the room in these parts.


In the evening I went to the monastery in Do Tarapa, but it turned out to be closed. I admired the views of Do Tarap from the monastery hill and decided to use the Internet to post everything that had accumulated to date

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