Bigu, October 17

Bigu, October 17



It rained all night. First - a full-fledged thunderstorm, and then just a boring rain. In the morning, the weather was not happy either - the whole sky was covered with clouds. Feeling like the monsoon is back again. But it was warm - at night it was 17 degrees Celsius.


At 5:30 in the morning, the bus whistle sounded suddenly. Very loud. And this very beep was repeated every 10 minutes until about 7 in the morning. It turned out that this was the first bus in six months, leaving from this village for Kathmandu, and the driver wanted to notify everyone who wants to leave within a radius of ten kilometers.


Today our entire route consists of "short cuts" and detours of landslide sites. We climbed 1 km up to a small pass and went back down. But all the time we walked along the steep forest paths, so by the evening I was very tired. There is absolutely nothing to see along the way - it's just a road through the forest. But in this forest you sometimes come across shepherds' huts where you can buy fresh yoghurt. So today's dinner consisted of yogurt with just rice and it was lovely.


In principle, this trail is also part of the tourist route. And sometimes there are even signs for tourists. But the trail is not very popular, so there are few signs (only two). And the locals met on the way said that I was the first tourist here in two years.


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