Birthday, September 30th

Birthday, September 30th



Friends! Thank you so much for your congratulations! I am happy that I have you! But I can't answer everyone - there is a very weak Internet, I hope it will be enough at least to read all your congratulations.


My last birthday happened in Crimea, in the place where (as they say) the "Kino" group was born. There is even a monument to this event. And we spent the night a couple of hundred meters away practically at the stadium.


This time I climbed into the Tsum Valley. It is believed that it is now completely inaccessible - on the one hand, the Chinese have closed the border, on the other hand, all roads are completely blocked by landslides. Even the locals are surprised how we got through here. And yes, we are the first tourists here in 2 years and I think that this year there will be no tourists except us.


Brief report: 1,100 kilometers covered, total climb of more than 35 kilometers, 81 days of travel (my personal record), lost about 10 kg of weight, read more books than in the previous two years, began to feel information garbage leaving my head. The state of health is excellent, I continue to move along the route.


Today we visited one of the most revered and inaccessible monasteries in Nepal - Mu Gompa in the Tsum Valley. And I asked the local monks to hold a service for the health and good fortune of all who were born on September 30th. I hope that my friends, who were born on the same day with me, felt a surge of energy today.


I will try to get in touch more often.


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