Callas, August 2

Callas, August 2


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Let me remind you that we spent the night right on the pass, together with the shepherds. In places of their more or less permanent deployment, shepherds build small stone houses with a polyethylene roof. They drown these houses in black, so I preferred to escape from the house to the tent.

In the morning, another new type of alarm went off: at five in the morning, the cows came to be milked with bells ringing. It seems that there were about 50 of them and that they all gathered around the tent. In fact, there were 6 of them, but six of them created a rather powerful movement.

The day itself is not rich in sights. I will only repeat that there are two paths from Simikot to Rara - the lower and the upper. The lower one is 2000 meters above sea level, heat, dust, flies and centipedes. The upper one is 3000 meters above sea level: pine and spruce forests (huge trees, trunk diameter at the base - up to two meters), fresh air, magnificent landscapes, but there are also flies in the villages.

Immediately after the pass, people began to meet smoking ganja. Until now, I have not seen a single one. And today there are already four. Moreover, they all use a special device for this process: a vertical tube with a bell on top and a bundle of coarse threads or ropes on the bottom. A ganja is loaded into the bell and ignited. And a bunch of threads or ropes, apparently, is moistened with water and through it is actually drawn into the lungs of smoke.

In the absence of sights, I will write a little on the question raised by Daria Andrianova: "How do women go around here?"

Women here wear pants or skirts that cover their legs to the feet. More often panties. Little girls - so definitely in panties. The arms are usually also closed, but sometimes they are closed only to the elbows. Hair is not hidden. In general, the costume resembles a sari, but with the addition of local elements.

Usually there are earrings, and sometimes of such sizes that, apparently, the ears cannot withstand them. And so that the ears do not hang down to the shoulders, the earrings are additionally supported by a loop on the ear. 

The next level is a ring in the nose of varying degrees of sophistication and sometimes the size of the lower lip. A very common decoration for older girls and women.

And often, in addition to this ring, another trick is inserted into the pierced nose. Bracelets on arms and legs. Well, beads from a dozen threads of a bright bead.

In clothes, women prefer bright colors: red, blue, yellow, green, etc. Very often, a kind of sheet is wrapped around the belt. This sheet serves as both a belt and a huge pocket where you can put anything. You can also plug a sickle or a traditional Nepalese kukri knife (with a blade length of 30 centimeters, or even more).

In the highlands, traditional aprons with ornaments are often worn, by which you can find out what area a woman is from. There are many elements of European clothing - down jackets, sneakers, etc.

We spent the night today in the village of Callas in the attic of the coolest house in the village. And all the village children came to the roof of our attic to gaze at the strangers. You feel like a monkey in a zoo ...

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