Camp in snowdrifts, October 25

Camp in snowdrifts, October 25



In the morning we got together slowly, dried the tents in the sun, and at 9 am we started towards the next camp with an aim to reach the parking place before lunch.


About an hour later we met a Spaniard traveling alone. He decided to return from the pass, because, according to him, there is a lot of fresh snow on the pass. At the time of our meeting, nothing foreshadowed this very fresh snow - we walked on a very dense crust, and at night there was almost no snow.


The Tashi Labsta Pass is a tin. Starting from a height of 4800 we climbed up the rocks, sometimes with the help of ropes. At an altitude of 5300 we found a wonderful house, where, it seems, the Spaniard we met spent the night. And yes, after this house we went through deep snow. Fresh snow, knee-deep. Walking along such a path (what kind of path is there, stones and a glacier littered with snow) is extremely difficult. Therefore, instead of getting up for the night at lunch, we walked through the snowdrifts until the evening.


And then a thunderstorm began to catch up with us and I became really scared: there was nowhere to hide on the pass, there were no places for tents, there was more and more snow ... But at 16:00 we found a place (at an altitude of 5300 meters) where we could put up a couple of tents and decided not to tempt fate any further. We walked 4 kilometers in one day. This is our anti-record for the entire trip.


As soon as the tents were set up, it began to snow and thunder is still heard. Accordingly, at night we will dig out tents, and tomorrow we will storm the pass with a height of 5800 meters through snowdrifts. But there are definitely no leeches here.

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