Camp near Bung, November 9

Camp near Bung, November 9



The morning is dry and sunny despite the evening clouds. And the tent is completely dry. At the beginning of the day, we descended 500 meters lower into the gorge to warm up. Here again I heard the cicadas, whose “singing” had not been heard on the route for the last three weeks.


We continue along the forest path. But, since we have already descended to almost 2000 meters above sea level, there are dense thickets of various plants around. Something similar to a very large nettle grows here, and from this nettle, like from hemp or flax, the locals make cloth and ropes.


But at the bottom of the gorge we were not at all long. Then we climbed to the pass to a height of 3100 meters and again descended a kilometer lower. On the way to the pass we saw the Mera peak (6400 m), which we climbed about 10 years ago.


There are a lot of mani walls along the trail. And most of them look like they were built 300 years ago. I saw such a number of walls and chortens only in the Tsum valley.


Due to steep ascents and descents, we are a little out of the traffic schedule. Tomorrow will have to go more to catch up.

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