Tseram, November 23

Tseram, November 23



In the morning the clouds descended below the place of our overnight stay, but did not leave. And we hurried to the Sele la pass in the hope that we would be there before the clouds.

We reached the pass at 9:00. The view from here is amazing: on the one hand - the peak of Jannu (or Kumbakarna, 7700m), and on the other hand, the panorama of the Himalayas - Makalu, Everest, Lhotse. The entire valley below is densely covered with clouds and all these peaks look beautiful above the cloud line.

The Sele la pass is more like three passes with a height of about 4700 meters. Between these three passes the trail runs almost horizontally - plus or minus a hundred meters in height. The distance between the first and the last passes is about 4 km, which you have to walk mainly on heaps of stones. It turns out that the trail goes around the Kanchenjunga massif and after the last pass, a view of Kanchenjunga opens already from the southern base camp.

The descent from the pass is quite difficult. The distance is short, but the trail goes down very steeply for 800 meters. Somewhere in the middle of the way we found two small but beautiful lakes with very clear water. We reached Tseram at 13:30, pretty tired.

Here, too, there is no electricity and communication, but there is yak meat, which they promised to feed us for dinner.

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