Camp on the glacier, October 24

Camp on the glacier, October 24



In the evening, when it got dark, the temperature in the tent dropped to 0 degrees. The awning was immediately covered with frost outside and inside. I folded all my clothes between the sleeping bags so that tomorrow I could dress in everything warm. And he did the right thing, because the temperature in the tent at night was -6 degrees. Everything outside is frozen.


For the first time I tried to take pictures at night with a Joby tripod. The first pancake was lumpy, only one photo turned out. But then I skated the technology, next time it will be better.


Today we planned a short day - only 7 kilometers with a climb of 300 meters. But it turned out that the trail was completely destroyed and, in addition, everything was littered with snow. And we walked along the glacial moraine just in the direction. It is very difficult to walk, so by 16:00 we managed to overcome 6 kilometers and decided to get up for the night somewhere. The night will be cold, because it turned out to be on a glacier somewhere. We barely managed to put up tents and decided to go to bed early.


The temperature outside does not seem to be very low, and the altitude is only 100 meters higher than yesterday, but for some reason it feels like it is much colder. Apparently, due to the fact that there is ice around, the humidity is still higher.

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