Chatuk, November 8

Chatuk, November 8



They fell asleep in thick clouds. We've never had such a thick fog before. It seems like there is no rain, but the awning of the tent is all wet. Cool at night, but no frost. And in the morning it is still cloudy, which hints at snow in the mountains at altitudes above 4000.


Today we left the tourist trail leading to Lukla. And we go towards the Makalu base camp along forest paths. It’s hard to go - we constantly climb steeply uphill for 500 meters, then descend just as steeply. The forest is almost dry and there are no leeches on the trail.


On the trail again come across shiny "silver" stones and everything is covered with sparkling dust. Beautiful, but impossible to photograph. At an altitude of about 3000 meters in the shade, autumn already begins. But in the sun and on the southern slopes it is still green and luxurious flowers bloom.


We covered only 16 kilometers in a day and were completely exhausted from the ups and downs. We stopped at the nearest village. There are quite decent houses here, but again there is no electricity and communication. By the way, you can camp here only in some village (with the permission of local residents) - very steep slopes, finding a parking place near a water source is really problematic.


After lunch, the sky was completely overcast with clouds, and by evening these clouds had become even denser than yesterday, but there was no fog and it was warm. Again I hope for a warm night, because the height is only 2600 meters.

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