Chumchet, October 1

Chumchet, October 1



Tsum is an almost completely autonomous valley. Now it is blocked by landslides, but even up to this unpleasant moment, the inhabitants of the valley fully provided themselves with food and clothing. This is the first valley where the inhabitants dress completely in the national style and all the clothes are made by hand. It seems that they change into factory clothes only when they go to visit or go outside Tsum.


We quickly run away from the Tsum valley in an attempt to catch up with the lag behind the schedule. The schedule is really important because the maximum period for which a Nepalese visa can be issued is 150 days. If this period is exceeded, then severe sanctions are possible.


It's cloudy again today, but no rain. They ran down with great speed, since the road is very comfortable. On the way, we saw a fox that ran across our road and stopped to look at us from afar from the slope of the mountain. While walking along the edge of a deep gorge, we several times admired the eagles, which flew at the level with us, and sometimes somewhat lower. Sometimes large monkeys can be seen in the fields.


By the evening the weather had completely deteriorated. It started raining endlessly. Tomorrow we will have to wade through a wet forest with wet vertical mud ...


We stopped overnight in Chumchet. There are no hotels and no place to pitch a tent. We spent the night in an ordinary house. Life, as in Limi, resembles the Tibetan Middle Ages. There are no toilets in the entire village. I wonder how it works for them - there are no toilets, but the village is not dirty. In any case, traces of human activity are not visible. A mystery, however.


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