Chumchet, September 28

Chumchet, September 28



Dirt. During the first half of the day we studied various types of mud. Mud is different: dry and liquid, greasy, mixed with manure and in its pure form, deep and shallow, slippery and just dirty. In Essentuki there is common dirt. And here we have discovered another type of mud - vertical mud.


For two hours we broke through a muddy and wet jungle with a bunch of thorny plants. But then we went to a wonderful observation deck with a view of Ganesh Himal, and after it a distinctly marked path suddenly appeared. The truth is also dirty. Even dirtier than the jungle. From the observation deck you can see a landslide, which we are trying to get around. In fact, half of the mountain slid down. Apparently, it will take a long time to clear it up.


I had lunch with pure rice and something like kefir obtained from local peasants. Very much even norms.


And yes, we did break into the Tsum valley. This is another lost world, which is very different from the valley beyond Manaslu. And here, very few people speak Nepali (especially English). The main language of the valley is Tibetan.


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