Congratulations! Our journey ended perfectly.

Congratulations! Our journey ended perfectly.


Guess where am I?    

But first, about what you need to do to get from Kathmandu to Dubai. Buying tickets, as you know, is not enough. Tickets, by the way, have risen in price a lot and this seems to be due to a new strain of the virus.

In addition to tickets, two more PCR tests are needed. One 48 hours before departure and one more at the airport before departure. Express test is done in 2 hours. And now you can’t hand over the biomaterial, then go to register and return for the result. It is necessary to go to the airport with two tests already. Therefore, we arrived at the airport 4.5 hours before departure.

When I finally had the second test in my hands and I went to check in, then at the entrance to the airport it turned out that the test results needed to be certified by the seal of a special airport service. To do this, you need to stand another line for 30 minutes.

With the tests certified by the seal, I broke into the airport building. When checking in, it turned out that I had an overweight of luggage by as much as 5 kilos. The airline employee said it would be very expensive and very quietly added "but some tips will be ok". The advantage cost me 1,500 rupees (about US$12), quietly transferred in the form of a tip.

The queue for passport control was also surprising. For some reason, everything happened very slowly here too. As a result, having arrived in 4.5 hours, I spent only 15 minutes in the business hall. But I still managed to drink a couple of glasses of wine with a slice of brie cheese.

In Dubai, everything is much simpler. We checked the presence of PCR (they didn’t force us to certify separately), took a sample for the third PCR in 5 minutes and immediately released it into the city.

It's warm here, below +30. The sea water is warm and clean. The people are calm, a lot of Russians. Sometimes there was a feeling that there were more Russians than Arabs.

The EXPO 2020 exhibition is large-scale and beautiful. But to wander here longer did not have enough time or energy.

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