Gunsa, November 17

Gunsa, November 17


The weather is not happy again: in the evening everything was covered with heavy clouds, which dispersed a little only in the morning. The sky is still overcast in the morning.

Today we walk along the bottom of the gorge near the river itself. The gorge is narrow and there is little sun. Cool, especially when the breeze blows from the water.

The sun came out only after 10 am. The days are now much shorter than at the beginning of the route. It gets light only after 6 in the morning, and at 17:00 it gets dark. Three months ago, at 6 in the morning we could already go on the route and walked until 18:30. Now we leave around 7:30 and look for a place to sleep no later than 16:00.

The trail from Gyably to Gunsa is comfortable. Walking is easy, so we were already at the place at 13:30, stopping for lunch in Fela.

In Gunse, we spent the night at Kanchenjunga Guest House. There is electricity, and normal coffee, and pastries, and even yak steaks. The steak, however, is not easy to eat, but nevertheless it is some kind of variety after a few days of dalbat.

The solar battery is not happy - it gives out energy unstable and still refuses to charge the power bank. I took out a backup iPhone from iSupport and now I go with two phones: one for photos and notes, the second for reading books and using a local SIM card. Ncell does not work here either, but I hope that already on the descent I will be able to access the Internet with this SIM card.

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