Dragnag, November 1

Dragnag, November 1



At night, I crawled out into the street to take pictures of the starry sky with a tripod. There was no moon and it was possible to shoot the silhouette of Chow-Yu against the background of the starry sky. And it seems like a good idea to photograph the Milky Way. Photos, of course, do not convey all the charm, only a certain idea. It is very cold at night. The temperature in the room dropped to -3 degrees.


Since according to the schedule we don’t have to go far today, we walked to the second Gokyo lake before lunch. The lake is also very beautiful, with very clean water. Here begins the famous Dudh Kosi River - "Milk River".


In Dragnag you need to go through the glacier. The glacier has thawed significantly over the past 10 years. Now there are many small lakes, some of which are not even covered with ice. The trail is quite winding and goes through piles of stones, but still it is much easier than the trail to the Tashi Labsta pass. We reached our destination in less than 2 hours.


We go to bed early, because tomorrow we need to overcome the Cho La pass (5400 meters) and have time to reach the village of Lobuche before dark.

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