Durjung, October 2

Durjung, October 2



I hardly slept. Either dogs bark, or Sherpas snore ... All the same, being alone in a tent is much more comfortable than sitting side by side on the floor in one room of a country house. The sky was clear at night, but by morning everything was overcast again. We went out on the trail in the rain.


And after a couple of hours of travel, we came to the beginning of the main mud. It was already "Mud 2.0", to which water was added. The entire trail is covered with slippery goo, which is especially unpleasant on steep ascents or descents.


Nevertheless, we managed to quickly go through the entire forest, which is said to be full of bears, and reach the village of Durjung at an altitude of about 2000m. On the way, besides the mud, there was only one surprise - our guide almost stepped on snake. For some reason, she was in no hurry to leave the path and with all her appearance showed that she intended to attack if someone approached her. They drove the creature out of the way with stones and sticks. I thought that snakes are not found at altitudes over 1500 meters. Now you have to take a closer look at your step. The snake, by the way, was completely invisible on the trail, since its color exactly matched the color of the ground and grass. Try to see in the photo.


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