Forest In Front Of The Pass, October 8

Forest In Front Of The Pass, October 8



It started raining in the morning. And somehow strongly. We waited half an hour and went out on the route in the rain. But they did not go far: literally after 50 meters we found ourselves in front of a rockfall. I had to wait 20 minutes for all the stones to fall, and then run to overcome the dangerous section. Running with a backpack on a road with a slope of 30 degrees, covered with a layer of mud, is still a pleasure.


Until the next pass, we need to gain 2.2 kilometers of altitude. Most likely today we will not be able to do this - for the first three hours of the journey we do not gain altitude at all. A highway is being actively built here, and at one of the construction sites we saw an excavator that fell under a rockfall. Looks like a trampled insect.


There are many pears in this area. At lunch we got hold of local residents' pears. Very pleasant to the taste.


You can go to the pass by a motor road or an old path. The locals convinced us that we would go by road to the pass for three days. And we went the old path. The trail is quite comfortable, but since it goes through the forest, there are also a lot of leeches here. And yet they bite the locals too. I prudently walked in waterproof socks, but today the guide was pretty bitten.


There are interesting stones on this trail. They seem to be made of silver, gold or copper. They play amazingly in the sun, but in the photos they turn out to be completely expressionless. The dirt looks especially funny - as if silver or gold paint was mixed thickly.


We did not reach the pass, we spent the night at an altitude of about 3000 meters in a clearing with several shepherd sheds.

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