Gamgadhi, August 7

Gamgadhi, August 7


Slept from the heart. The lake is very nice, fresh and quiet. True, it is much cooler than at the same altitude in other places of our overnight stays. We will stay here for half a day, and then we will return to the regional center to prepare for further movement along the route.


There is a military base next to the "hotel" and a good samosa is being prepared in the canteen there. Nepalese samosa is similar to the usual samsa in shape - deep-fried triangles. Samosa is usually made with potatoes and various spices. With beer - very good.


Knee high waterproof socks keep you feet dry all the day. Over the calf socks offer extra protection on your calf, especially ideal for snow and water sports. Check the same style as below:

I spent the whole morning with the video. It seems that I have greatly overestimated my capabilities in terms of video blogging. I collect the material, but I have no strength to mount it right away on the go. Moreover, so far I have never been to a place where there is a sufficiently fast Internet connection. So far, even the pictures are crawling through with difficulty. Even a three-minute video cannot be downloaded. Apparently, there will be a movie later, all over the track at once.

Tomorrow we will move towards the Upper Dolpo. This is one of the most inaccessible areas in Nepal. You can get there only on foot, and from either side the area is closed by three five thousand passes. This is one of the secret valleys reserved by Padmasambhava for the purest in spirit Buddhists. Pilgrims come here for mystical experiences. In Upper Dolpo there is a Crystal Mountain, around which they make a crust just like around Kailash. There are also several ancient monasteries preserved here, some of which are more than 1000 years old.

I’m unlikely to share my mystical experience (or I’ll only share it in a personal conversation), but I’ll tell you where to look for it in Dolpo.

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