Gatlan Heights, October 9

Gatlan Heights, October 9



Today our route is wonderfully described by the figure of the technical analysis "Double Top": first we climbed 1 km, then dropped 500 meters and gained them again, and at the end of the day we descended 1.1 km. We made part of the way along a fresh road (dirt road, naturally soggy from the rain). And an interesting detail turned out - it turns out that Sherpas get tired much faster when they walk along the road, compared to mountain trails. And here I am - on the contrary. I can walk along the road all day tirelessly, and as soon as we go out onto a steep path, fatigue comes on.


The trail is beautiful. At the beginning of the journey, we admired an excellent view of Ganesh Himal, since the weather was good. But, when we reached the pass, all kinds were covered with clouds. It's a pity. From this pass, Machchapuche Re, Annapurna, Hashesh Himal, Manaslu, Langtang and even Kathmandu should be visible. I hope that in a few days the weather will be better and almost the same view will open to us from the passes in the Goshinkunda region.


We spent the night today in a small hotel in the village of Tamans. This area is home to the Tamans, who, like the Sherpas, migrated to Nepal from Tibet several hundred years ago. We can say that for the next few days we are walking around Taman.


From the sad: the Aquapack trunk began to fall apart. In general, it lasted long enough, given the conditions of its operation. Somehow I sewed up the loose seams and I hope that it will hold out for another three weeks.


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