Gokyo, October 30

Gokyo, October 30



We were the last ones on the trail, at 6 in the morning. Other groups started as early as 4 am. We overtook the first ones that came out earlier in half an hour. The trail is well frozen, but not slippery. Walking is easy.


At about 7 am we met Roman Markov and Lyubov Popkova on the trail. But they didn’t talk for a long time, because in order not to get stuck on the pass, it’s better to go without big stops.


From the place of overnight stay to the pass you need to gain 1000 meters of height. At the same time, the last 300 meters we walked through the snow, in which a good path was trodden almost everywhere. Everything turned out to be much easier than we thought, and incomparably easier than our transition through the Tashi Labsta pass.


We reached our nineteenth five-thousandth pass at 10:30 in the morning, overtaking a group of Frenchmen who had started two hours earlier than us. The view from the pass is simply fantastic - Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Lake Gokyo and a dozen other beautiful peaks.


The descent from the pass is not very comfortable - a significant part of the way you need to go down the icy path. But, nevertheless, at 13:00 we have already reached the village of Gokyo. And here we can already enjoy the view of another eight-thousander - Chow-Yu.

The loggia where we stayed even has double-glazed windows. And shower. We finally washed off and hope for a warm night.


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