Gorak Shep, November 3

Gorak Shep, November 3



From Lobuche to Gorak Sherpa we reached in 2 hours. The trail is easy and there is no snow. Only the last 500 meters you need to go through piles of stones, between which ice is sometimes found. The weather is sunny but cold. Maybe because there are glaciers all around.


Pass Lobuche (5100 m, our 21st pass above 5000 meters) slipped through without even noticing. At 10:00 we already came to Gorak Shep and decided to rest until 15:00, and then go to the top of Kala Pattara to take pictures of the sunset.



The guys scared us a little with their story about how they got very cold at the top. After consulting with them, we decided to leave at 15:00 to be at the top just in time for sunset. But in the end, we ran to the very top of the mountain in 1 hour and 20 minutes, climbing more than 450 meters. Sunset had to wait 50 minutes, but it was not cold.


The view of Everest at sunset is absolutely stunning. True, it was not possible to shoot a very good video, because the battery in the camera instantly ran out in the cold. But in any case, pictures and videos do not convey even a tenth of the impressions.

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