Gorge near the Hidden Valley, August 28

Gorge near the Hidden Valley, August 28



Indiana Jones in Search of the Hidden Valley. The gorge is simply unreal. Perfect for filming any fantasy adventure movie, where the heroes make their way through a bunch of obstacles to find an artifact hidden in antiquity. The walls of the gorge are several hundred meters high, and in some places they are a sheer cliff, and in some places they are strange loose structures. In principle, this road is used in late autumn. And now there is a rather powerful river here and you need to somehow get through it ... Moreover, the gorge is gradually narrowing, which adds more and more new impressions with each step. Today we managed to overcome as much as 4 kilometers of the gorge. We stopped almost in front of the entrance to the Hidden Valley. Tomorrow it will be clear whether we can get into it or not.

Of the most powerful impressions: a bridge half a meter wide at a height of fifty meters above the gorge in which a mountain river roars. Well, in general, the path is still the same. I do not advise you to repeat this feat during the rainy season or in the spring. Only autumn.


The night before the Indiana was fun too. The clouds never left and we woke up in exactly the same fog as when we went to bed. True, there was almost no rain either, but the cloud was damp enough to make it damp in the tent too. Didn't get wet, but it would be nice to dry things from dampness, but nowhere. Due to the dampness, the paths and soil were soaked. And because of the soggy soil, we listened all night to powerful rockfalls from the steep slope of the stream, next to which we were standing.


We spent the night on a small green patch under a rock. Places - exactly two tents. But the guys decided to sleep under a rock without a tent. I did not dare to do this, because the clouds are beginning to fall again - we spend the night at an altitude of 4300 meters.


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