Gunsa, November 21

Gunsa, November 21



At night I thought to take a few more pictures of the starry sky, but today the full moon and the stars were not visible at all. The moon shines at night so that a flashlight is completely unnecessary.

The sun in Khanbachen rises from the Kanchenjunga massif with beautiful optical effects, especially when the mountain tops are covered with a light haze. This morning, one of the main peaks of the massif was especially effectively covered in radiance.

This peak is revered by Hindus as the dwelling place of one of their gods (possibly Shiva) and religious holidays are regularly held here, in which several thousand people participate.

We reached Gunsa in 3.5 hours. Although the distance between Khanbachen and Gunsa is only 11 kilometers, the trail is not very comfortable and tiring. But beautiful - for most of the road we walked through the forest of huge junipers and larch. On the other side of the river we saw a bear, but he quickly ran away on his bear business and we did not have time to take a picture of him.

In Gunsa, I gorge myself on pastries, potato momo and fresh cabbage salads again. I decided not to repeat the experiment with yak steak. All the same, meat is better to eat in a large city.

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