Gyabla, November 16

Gyabla, November 16



Normal loggias on the route come across not often. For the most part, these are sheds where you can live in a room without any amenities. Many sheds are made of corrugated iron, the windows are often without glass. In my opinion, it is more comfortable to spend the night in a tent than in such a loggia. In Gyable, the hotel compares favorably with everything that we have so far met on this section of the route. It's warm here, normal beds, blankets. And glass windows.

In almost every house in the course of our movement, moonshine is being driven. That is Rakshi. The distillation unit seems to work without any supervision - they load chang into it, make a fire and then go about their business.

There are still few tourists. At lunch we met two elderly Frenchmen. It was amused that the guide called them to eat dalbat with the words "yum-yum" and two elderly guys cheerfully ran to the bowls of dalbat saying "yum-yum-yum-yum" on the go.

As planned, today is a short day - we walked only 10 km and got up for the night. I hope that in a couple of days with such transitions I will at least rest a little.

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