Preparation, July 17



Hello, I am Andrey Paranich. I am going to start the Great Himalaya Trail with RANDY SUN company. I start my Great Himalaya Trail in the middle of monsoon season, so it is very important for me to have good waterproof equipment, and of course it is waterproof cloth, among them its very important element is the waterproof socks.

These waterproof socks were provided to me by RANDY SUN company and it is very cool socks. I am absolutely sure they will keep me dry and warm, and they will protect me against leeches in the forest of Nepal. 

So about my Great Himalaya Trail, I will start tomorrow after finishing my quarantine time in Kathmandu. And time to going to start point at Hilsa, then going from Hilsa to Simikot, from Simikot to Rara Lake, from Rara Lake into Upper Dolpo region. from Upper Dolpo region I am going to Mustang valley, from Mustang valley through Tilicho Lake to Manaslu, after Manaslu through Tsum Valley to Rolwaling. From there, I go to Gokyo Lakes and Everest Base Camp. From Everest Base Camp, I am going through three very high paths to Makalu Base Camp. And after there, I go to Kachenjangi area and finish my Great Himalaya Trail in Kachenjangi Base Camp. 

It is a route for something about 2000km long and with much more altitude, about 6200 meters. So please stay connected, I would like to be operative with videos, photos and reports. It is Andrey Paranich and RANDY SUN company from the Great Himalaya Trail. 

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