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Nepalganj -> Semikot, July 21


Nepalganj -> Semikot

Today the weather in Simikot was much better than the previous one. So we decided to go to the airport of Nepalganj right in the morning and wait for the departure there.

Despite the good forecast, we was sitting at the airport until lunchtime: in the morning it was sunny in Simikot, but it was raining in Nepalganj. And when the weather cleared up in Nepalganj, Simikot was overcast.

I already thought that I would have to return to the hotel today, but somehow my guide managed to arrange a departure on a cargo plane. The difference with the Nepalese passenger version is small - in fact, they simply removed some of the seats in the cabin and filled up all the free space with cargo.

Fly to Simikot about 40 minutes. The airport is located at an altitude of 2900 meters above sea level. But here it is enough warm - about 20 degrees Celsius. Warm but damp. There are clouds around, it rains from time to time. And there are a lot of flies.

According to the plan, we had to take a jeep to the starting point along the Great Himalayan Trail. But the road to Hilsa was washed out by rains, so you have to walk a significant part.

After a light lunch (traditional Nepalese Dal Bhat: rice and lentil stew) we rent a jeep and drive as long as the road allows. It turned out to drive 15 kilometers. Then we went on foot and walked as much as we could. We stopped for the night in a small village.

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