Maneperme, July 24

Maneperme, July 24


Wi-Fi was found in Hills, which is distributed from the police station. They turn it on quite early, turn it off exactly at the time of sunset, because a lot of things are powered by solar panels. Previously, Wi-Fi was more common here, but now absolutely all hotels are closed, the staff went to work in Simikot and other areas.

Even if there is a Wi-Fi, it is unrealistic to dump the video. Large files will take too long and the download will be interrupted all the time. And I underestimated the level of fatigue. Even just reading is not enough strength. But I hope that the problem of constant fatigue will gradually go away with acclimatization.

Trekking to the Limi Valley is very beautiful. The landscapes are very varied, the load is moderate. At the beginning you need to climb almost 600 meters, but along a very good road: this is the beginning of the future road to Haldzhi. It is impossible to reach Khalji in one day. It is necessary to plan an intermediate overnight stay in tents. The town of Maneperme, marked on the map as a camping site, is not a village. There's just a river here. You can put tents in this place only for a small group.

There are rivers, but not so that in any place where you wanted to stop for lunch. The beginning of the route to that very Maneperme looks pretty wild in general.

Deserted. Lizards rush along the road. And there is absolutely nowhere to hide from the sun, so it is imperative to provide for sun protection. Don't be like me. I went with open hands and without sunscreen, because at 7:00 in the morning it seemed that it would be cloudy. It was not cloudy at all. Burnt.

After lunch, I still felt a lack of acclimatization: fatigue accumulates much faster than at an altitude of 3000 meters.

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