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Khalji, July 25


This is our first night in tents. I have slept in a tent before, but this time I added an air mattress to the usual tourist mat. And I want to point out that sleeping on an inflatable mattress is fundamentally more comfortable and warmer. This miracle of modern technology weighs about 600 grams, which is quite significant in my situation. But this additional 600 grams allows you to rest much better.

However, this time I could not have a good rest. We spent the night at an altitude of 4120 meters above sea level. It is not possible to fall asleep at such an altitude without normal acclimatization.

Today's transition also pleases with stunningly beautiful landscapes. Locals say that now is the best time for trekking in Humla in general and Limi in particular. Limi is not only the far west of Nepal, but also the far north. Usually tourists come to Nepal in spring or autumn to avoid the rainy season. But in spring and autumn everything is covered with snow here. This is also very pretty, but much more harsh.

True, if you go here in July-August, then most likely there will be difficulties with the transfer. There have never been crowds of tourists here. Accordingly, there is practically no tourist infrastructure: the trail is not marked, there are no hotels, parking places are not equipped in any way and so on. Some locals speak English, but it is still better to go to Limi with a guide.

Judging by the map, today's crossing should have been small, because we passed most of the distance to Khalji yesterday. In reality, everything turned out differently. The relief at this crossing is more difficult, therefore the distance does not coincide with the map in any way, and it is much more difficult to walk. The result is a full day transition. It will not be possible to accurately measure the distance - I do not have a GPS tracker, and the iPhone, as it seems to me, does not measure the distance traveled very correctly.

Nevertheless, yesterday we passed 17.4 km, today's crossing turned out to be 19.4 km. Total: 36.8 km along the Great Himalayan Trail..

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