Jomsom, September 1

Jomsom, September 1



It seems that I chose the not very correct telecom operator: it does not work very much everywhere, so posts can be posted only when there is wi-fi nearby. I continue reporting from the moment of the previous availability of the Internet.


Today is a day of rest, beer and meat dishes. And of course it's a day without dalbat! And also - a lot of washing and analysis of equipment for the need for repair and replacement.


Actually, from real losses: a warm hat stolen in one of the Hindu districts (I was thinking of buying a new one in Jomsom, but everything is closed here), a torn RedFox jacket (I drove through the loose material, I have to glue it), a bent Komperdell trekking stick (if not for her, I would have flown off a cliff), a punctured membrane in a RANDY SUN sock (a conscious sacrifice - because walking along the bottom of a stream barefoot is much less pleasant than wearing RANDY SUN's leaky socks) and Salomon sneakers starting to fall apart (judging by their appearance, they will withstand another 200 kilometers, then you will have to change into spare boots).


The RedFox jacket, as you remember, gets wet almost instantly. But the poncho bought in Kathmandu does its job perfectly. Now, as soon as a noticeable rain begins, I immediately put it on over my jacket.


Komperdell sticks. I never even had to adjust - the clamps are kept to death. It's a pity that I bent one. But on the other hand, if not for the wand, I would have flown off the cliff.


The Bergans backpack shows no signs of wear and tear. The only thing is that the rain cover has creaked over the stones and sometimes the belt buckle creaks plaintively.


I practically did not use a spare phone iSupport, but I am terribly pleased with how the battery holds it.


The Big Agnes tent is excellent at keeping the rain out and somehow manages to dry itself out all the time. I have never had to dry it on purpose. The right decision was to buy an additional bottom for the tent - with it and on land, and there is less risk of tearing the waterproof bottom.


An inflatable mat in combination with a regular pad (it is needed mainly to protect the inflatable from punctures) is great. Warm, soft and dry. The rugs behave perfectly as long as there are no reasons for concern (inflator - mountain equipment, mat - Therm-a-rest).


It is not possible to quickly make and upload a video: it is not very convenient to shoot yourself on the go, and by the evening you no longer have the strength to do this. Editing is also time-consuming, and additional voice acting is not possible, since the river is almost always noisy nearby. We'll make up later.


The products of Kronidov and Myassuri turned out to be very useful. For two months I could not get used to the local cuisine. More precisely, to the local field kitchen, which consists almost entirely of dalbat and doshirak. Periodic dinners from Kronidov and jerky from Myassuri in difficult areas greatly improve well-being.


Hermetic bags from Aquapack work great - lightweight and durable. The baul is also holding on, despite the rather harsh conditions of its operation. Until nothing got wet and no holes appeared. The seal for the phone and documents is very convenient - the phone can be taken out and hidden very quickly (the second phone from iSupport is in the seal). But the case for shooting in water did not work out, in field conditions and on the go, it is easier for me to hold the camera in a regular seal, with which I do not have to worry about scratches on the front glass.


The North Face Cats Meow sleeping bag - handles weather conditions perfectly. Up to a temperature of +7 inside the tent, you can sleep in it without wearing any warm clothes. The only thing I wear when it's cold are downy socks from Bask. I am satisfied with them, but with the proviso that the fluff in these socks migrates freely and sometimes it does not remain at all on either side of the sock.


The RANDY SUN membrane socks are a very rewarding discovery. It is not only convenient to cross the rivers in them, but it is also just comfortable to walk in damp and cold weather. In addition to protection from moisture, they also provide a compression effect and legs get tired less.


Solar battery from S-Module. Yes, it is a little heavy, but it allows you to ensure complete autonomy from energy sources. A couple of power banks and a solar battery - and I have never worried that my phone or battery in my camera will run out.


The ActiveButtons seat cushion is an extremely useful thing, but after two months of active use it has turned into a pitiful sight. It performs its functions as before, but I already want to replace it with a new one.


Ahead - areas with eight-thousanders. The load on the equipment may increase due to the greater variety of climatic zones. But many of the things that I have with me, I have never used.



Knee length water resistant socks offer extra protection on calf, especially ideal for snow and water sports. Stay warm with RANDY SUN!

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