Kanga la pedi, September 9

Kanga la pedi, September 9



The first part of the way to the Kanga la pass lies along a good road with very little climb. By lunchtime, we climbed only 300 meters from almost two kilometers to the pass.

We stopped for lunch in the village of Ngawal. There is a classic trail around Annapurna, so there are many restaurants and hotels in the village. And in general it makes a very pleasant impression. But here, almost everything is closed.

In Ngavala, you can climb a couple of hundred meters to the stupa, which offers an excellent view of the Annapurna ridge (almost all the peaks of this ridge, including Annapurna 1), the Kanga la pass and the Marsiangdi valley.

After Ngawala, the trail goes up quite steeply. We decided to spend the night at an altitude of about 4300 meters, where there is a small empty house and, most importantly, there is water. The water on the slope is far from everywhere, so we had to go beyond the camping at an altitude of 4100 meters.


The forest ends after 3800 meters, further the landscape resembles a Scottish one: green hills and protruding rocks, similar to ancient castles. Mountain goats or blue sheep graze on the hills.

The clouds thickened in the evening and we went to sleep in the clouds. It looks like it will be cool and damp at night.


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