Laduk, October 18

Laduk, October 18



At night it rains again, in the morning again the whole sky is in clouds. Of course, going in cloudy weather is easier, but the view is worse. And yes, it's kind of depressing.


I keep forgetting to note that the smells of the Nepalese "steppe" have become thicker. Either because it was sunny and hot for a few days, or it's like this every time in October.


Bamboo swings were installed for the holiday in many villages. A structure 5-7 meters high of four large bamboos. Pretty strong. The swing has a constant children's movement.


Returning to the question “how do women go there”: there is a strong sense of proximity to Kathmandu. Most people are dressed much more decently compared to the western regions and often in the city clothes we are used to. Most of the women wear saris and there is relatively little jewelry. Many men here are dressed like homeless people from a Chinese landfill, but neatly dressed young people are increasingly common.


Today we met a snake on the trail again. This time, she did not wait for trouble and slowly crawled away into the jungle. So I come back to the idea that we need to look more carefully under our feet.


We've been out in the rain since lunch. The problem with charging the phone begins to emerge. The solar battery performs very well at high altitude and in sunny weather. At an altitude of 2000 meters, its power is noticeably less, and in cloudy weather it turns out to squeeze out very little energy from it. But local power grids are also not encouraging: most often, the power bank charges a quarter of its capacity overnight.


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