Langtang View Hotel, October 11

Langtang View Hotel, October 11



I have already visited the Gosinkunda National Park. This was my first track in Nepal 20 years ago. Now this track really looks like a walk in a city park. Everywhere there are benches, dumb places are fenced, paths are concreted in places, steps are made on steep climbs. The hideous sheds turned into decent loggias.


There is a beautiful waterfall at the very beginning of the path. It is slightly off the main path, but there are signs to it.


We met a group of tourists from Israel. The whole family goes to the lakes. And they have the same backpacks as mine. And now I am going with a backpack from Gregory. A very nice backpack, very well thought out and with a bunch of nice little things like a bottle pocket or eyelet loops. Perfectly sits on the back and, in addition, the boy plays steps back with straps.


There are many people on the trail, but mostly Nepalese who got out of the city for a walk in the park, and Hindu pilgrims. Lake Gosinkunda is a sacred place for Hindus. According to legend, it appeared from the blow of Shiva's trident.


There are monkeys in the forest. And, they say, they can be very aggressive and therefore it is better not to wander here alone. We saw a flock of a dozen fairly large specimens just off the trail. But they did not show any interest in us and they are frightened by loud sounds.


Thought to look at Sing Gompa Monastery. But "Sing" in translation from Tibetan means "wooden". And it burned out long ago. In general, the village of Sing Gompa has turned into a group of hotels.


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