Larke La pass, September 20

Larke La pass, September 20



I wanted to try to take some night photos, but at night the whole valley was covered with clouds. But, nevertheless, by six in the morning all the clouds scattered and a stunning panorama of the snowy peaks around Bimtang opened up. It turns out that it is surrounded on all sides by the most beautiful peaks.


Today we have to climb one and a half kilometers to the Larke la pass (5150 meters). Therefore, we decided to leave early so that we could walk to the pass without haste.


For breakfast there was muesli with milk. I am surprised at those people who can have breakfast with muesli with milk! It's like chewing on sawdust, hoping that they will provide enough energy to survive without food for at least two hours. Fortunately, in addition to muesli, there were also boiled eggs. And just in case, I also put a bag of dried horse meat from Myassuri in my pocket.


The trail is well marked with landmarks, goes along the glacial moraine, but the ice has melted here too. Animals are not particularly visible: there are few birds and I also noticed a hamster running between the boulders.


At an altitude of 4400 meters there is a guesthouse where you can dine. We came here at 10 am, but since there are no more convenient places for lunch before the pass, we decided to have a snack before further ascent. My snack consisted of boiled eggs, cheese, Coca-Cola and horse meat.


After the guesthouse, the trail becomes steeper and more flowing. But on the other hand, there is an excellent view of several peaks and a whole cluster of glaciers. Among the peaks there is also Himlung Himal, which we saw from the village of Fu, as well as Kanga Ru. From this side, they look even more impressive.


Closer to the pass we met a group of gloomy Czech tourists, one of whom almost pushed me off the cliff while I was talking with their guide. It seems to me that we have never looked so gloomy in our campaigns, despite very different weather conditions.


We reached the pass at 13:30. Everything was covered with clouds with rare gaps, it got colder. There is a little snow from time to time. Before that, on the seventeenth of the five thousandth pass, I reached in a T-shirt and a windbreaker. But, of course, I had to dress warmly on the pass. The first time I put on gloves - it turns out that if it's cold, then wearing gloves is much more comfortable. Pass next to the Larke Peak glacier - this is the first time we camp so close to the ice.


On Lake Tilicho, it was much farther to the glaciers, and the height was 100 meters lower.


Today we are just resting, but tomorrow we have to explore the route to the top of the neighboring six-thousander.


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