Lonac, November 19

Lonac, November 19



We are still walking along the river. It is already quite small here and gradually turns into a stream flowing among the stones. The path along the glacial moraine, but for the most part very comfortable, only in a few places had to jump over the rocks. Even here on the trail, ladders periodically come across, everywhere there are landmarks. The views are superb. From all sides are surrounded by snow peaks, many waterfalls.

There are no people. No locals, no tourists. But herds of mountain goats run around. It's already snowy and chilly here. Lots of dwarf sea buckthorn. I did not collect - very prickly.

Cloudy and windy since early morning. But the dynamics are rather positive and there is hope to see Kangchenjunga tomorrow.

At 12:00 we reached the planned place of spending the night. There is no one here either. We successfully caught the owner of one of the loggias, who was about to go down. All other loggias are already closed, although the season, it seems, has not yet ended. Of course, there is no electricity and communications here. But right next to the loggias, a herd of mountain goats grazes.

Today we rest and eat local boring dalbat, and tomorrow we plan to go to the Kanchenjunga base camp and return back.

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