Khanbachen, November 20

Khanbachen, November 20



We again returned to the village with the name in the style of the IKEA catalog. But it was a long day - we covered as many as 28 kilometers. In the morning we went to the northern base camp of Kanchenjunga (the twenty-third time we climbed above 5000 meters). The trail is very easy and very beautiful. In general, on this section of the route it turned out to be a very simple trail - with a very smooth climb and practically no "kickbacks". You just walk up along the river, gaining 700-800 meters of altitude per day, and in a week you are at the Kanchenjunga base camp.

It took us 2.5 hours to get from Lonak to the base camp, however, almost without stopping to rest. The base camp - on the map this is the village of Pangpema - is a couple of dilapidated houses and a brand new concrete toilet. The views from here are absolutely amazing. A bit reminiscent of the views from Kalapattara - also a huge glacier flowing down from Kanchenjunga, and the majestic peaks around. Very steep slopes. Apparently from the northern base camp it is not easy to climb to the top of Kanchenjunga.

I dined on pasta with beef. It is convenient that you can heat up the dish just in the warming bag - neither a burner nor a fire is needed.

We walked in the base camp for about an hour and ran back. In Lonaka were already at 13:00 and, oddly enough, not very tired. Therefore, we decided to go down lower, to Khanbachen.

Actually, on this route of My Great Himalayan Trail is over, we begin to move towards the house. In total, we walked 1850 kilometers on the trail and our route did not always coincide with the classic Great Himalayan Trail, since I added sections that were interesting to me to my route. The route is over, but the journey continues - our plans are to look at Kanchenjunga from the other side, and only then we will head towards the nearest airport.

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