Lukla, November 6

Lukla, November 6



It was around zero in the room at night. Indeed, as the altitude drops, it becomes warmer, although at first it seemed almost unbelievable. There are very few tourists in the loggia where we stopped, all of them have finished the track and are going with us to Lukla.


The road from Namche Bazaar to Lukla more and more resembles a road in a city park. Concrete steps, railings, and even special structures to keep donkeys and yaks off the trail. Of course, in many places the trail has remained the same as it was five years ago. Nevertheless, progress is clearly visible. There is no crush on the trail - there are very few tourists, and caravans of donkeys or yaks.


Almost immediately after the descent from Namche Bazaar to the Dudh Kosi River, a continuous row of loggias and cafes begins. The quality of both those and others has noticeably changed for the better since my last visit. Closer to Lukla, the quality of hotels almost corresponds to the European level. And their number is really amazing - the Nepalese clearly expected a further increase in the tourist flow.


I remembered - yesterday in the monastery in Tengboche I looked at the stone for a long time, on which (as it says on the tablet near it) Lama Sanga Dorje left footprints and other marks to indicate the place where the monastery should be built. However, you need to have a very good imagination in order to discern these prints and marks in the irregularities of the stone ... I am attaching a photo.

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