Molum Sumna, August 26

Molum Sumna, August 26



A road is being built from Jomsom to the village of Charka Bot and further to Dolpo. It will not be possible to drive along it yet - there are no bridges across the rivers, and the road itself is not quite ready (moreover, in some places it has already been destroyed by landslides and rains). But you can walk along it and it is much more convenient than wandering along the mountain paths. As a result, we walked 20 kilometers slowly in the direction of Mustang in a day, coming close to the next five thousandth pass.


The valley along which the road goes does not stand out in anything special. There is a feeling that the vegetation here is even more scarce than in Upper Dolpo and even less crowded than in other places in Dolpo. For the whole day we met only one person and one herd of yaks.


Since no bridges were built on the road yet, they had to wade the river three times. The river seems to be not very big, but the current is so strong that if the depth is more than knee-deep, it is impossible to cross - the current knocks down. And, of course, the water is ice cold. I reiterated the benefits of Randy Sun Membrane Socks. The first crossing took about fifteen minutes, but my feet were not frozen in the cold water. Yes, and on sharp stones it is much more pleasant to walk in thick socks than barefoot.


After lunch, the weather changed dramatically. The sun hid behind the clouds, it started to rain with small hail. And a little later, claps of thunder began to rumble behind us. But, it seems that this time we were able to get away from the thunderstorm on foot. In the place where we dined, the rain fell in full. And we just listened to the gradually dying rumbling and got a little wet under the light rain.


However, the cause for concern remained: snow fell on the relatively high peaks surrounding us. And if snow also fell on Dampus Peak, then this can significantly complicate the ascent to it. We will find out soon.


We got up for the night at 16:00 at an altitude of 4870 meters. To pass two tomorrow's five-thousandth passes, it will be necessary to gain noticeably less than 1000 meters.


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