Mugu Karnali Shore, August 5

Mugu Karnali Shore, August 5


Waterproof Socks For Adventurers

Mid-length is the most common sock length that almost everybody likes to wear. Mid calf waterproof socks can be awesome sports socks.

Waterproof membrane prevents rain, snow, mud, sand, dirt and germs from getting inside your socks.  It also offers protection against mosquito bites and much more.


For breakfast there was cocoa and oatmeal with fresh milk. This is noticeably nicer than the regular powder version.

Today we wanted to run to Rara Lake and thus complete another section of the route, which was originally supposed to be the most boring. We didn't run a little - we didn't have enough strength. And with the weather, I can't say that I was lucky - the day turned out to be rainy, but at least not hot. With the elevation difference, everything is as usual: we started from 3000 meters, climbed 3500 meters and ended the day at an altitude of 1740 meters above sea level.

Most of the day we walked either along the road under construction, or near it. And only in the afternoon we went to the section of the already finished road, even with the established road signs. No asphalt, but it looks like it is not planned here.

Well, remember, I said that women gird themselves with something like a sheet and use it as pockets, bags and a belt at the same time? Today I saw a young lady buying tsampa (barley flour) in the store. The seller weighed out the correct amount and poured it into a bowl.

And she just unrolled the end of that sheet, poured tsampa into it, and rewound it all back. Without any packages. Very environmentally friendly.

To be continued...

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