Mugu Karnali Shore, August 5 Part 2

Mugu Karnali Shore, August 5 Part 2


Well, the main event today is, of course, rain. There was more of it today than yesterday and the equipment has passed a full test for rain resistance. I want to share the results with you, it may be useful when choosing equipment in the future.

Columbia pants are regular pants. Soaked at the same rate as RedFox Gore-Tex, but dried much faster.

The Salomon Panama is a great thing. Yes, she got wet, but at the same time she continued to protect her face from raindrops. And in the heat it perfectly absorbs sweat and creates a very comfortable feeling.

RANDY SUN Waterproof Socks

@randysunsports - wildly happy to have thought of wearing them. The legs remained warm throughout the day. And I didn't even know if they got wet, because the sensations during the rain did not change in any way.

Andrey's Choice

Trekking sticks Komperbell - of course wet. But the handles, even when wet, sit well in the hand and do not rub fingers.

Baul Aquapack did an excellent job again.

From the new living creatures encountered on the route: while it hadn't started to rain right on the road I saw a scarab beetle with a hefty ball of manure. It somehow happened that I saw a scarab live for the first time. Well, in the evening, going to the toilet, I found a spider on the wall.

With a span of legs (or whatever the spiders have) somewhere about fifteen centimeters. Locals say that it is not dangerous. If you don't touch it.

Tomorrow we have a short walking day to Rara Lake, where we are planning a day and a half of rest before the next leg of the route along the Great Himalayan Trail - Dolpo region.

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