Na, October 22

Na, October 22



It took us 3 hours to get to the village of Na, stopping by another Padmasambhava cave along the way. But all the caves are locked, so we were only able to enjoy the wonderful view that opens from the entrance and drink tea with the restorers. We were treated to tea by a monk, whom everyone respectfully calls Rimpoche, which indicates the highest respect for him by those present.


Before heading to Na, we stopped by the monastery in Bending. The monastery is completely renovated, clean and shiny. Photography is not allowed inside, but in truth, inside it is the same as any other new Buddhist monastery in Nepal.


Sherpas live in this part of the Rolwaling valley. "Na" means "summer" in Tibetan (which is spoken by the Sherpas). And "Beding" (the name of the village from which we left) is translated as "winter". True, now everything turned out the other way around - in Na it is much colder than in Beding, and all around there are snow-covered peaks.


Height - 4200 meters. The forest has ended completely, then we will go through the tundra and permafrost. First time wearing wool underpants. Although it is relatively close to the pass, we will move towards it in small dashes in order to definitely be at the pass on October 26, because on this day we meet at the pass with Victor Lee to climb together to the top of Panchermo Peak. It is absolutely impossible to predict how long the road will take, since a lot of fresh snow has fallen in the mountains in recent days.


The morning sun suddenly unexpectedly and extremely quickly gave way to clouds. The transition from “not a cloud in the sky” to “nothing visible in the clouds” took literally 10 minutes. We sit in the fog and hope for better weather tomorrow.


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