Namrung, September 25

Namrung, September 25



We continue to descend along the valley of the Budhi Gandaki river. Today we plan to spend the night at an altitude of 2600 meters. It should be warm.


The rosehip has become even larger and another species of it with huge fruits has appeared. True, these huge fruits are almost tasteless. The forest became very large, with huge pines and Christmas trees. Bamboo also appeared. Hope for some fruit.


There are many villages here: every hour we pass through a village or a group of hotels. But there are still few people and most of the hotels and shops are closed. Each village has a gate in the form of a stupa or just a gate at the entrance and exit. Many beautiful and well-renovated stupas.


It started raining at lunchtime. And, contrary to our expectations, it rained heavily throughout the day. I hope the guys at Manaslu are doing well.


The road was badly dilapidated, the last kilometers were on the nasty mud mixed with stones. You have to be especially careful on the cliffs so as not to fly down the slippery mud.


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